Roadkill Society is an exclusive collection of 4444 uniquely hand-drawn characters on the Solana chain.


In the not so distance post apocalyptic future, after the 8th nuclear ☢️ war and the human race has been reduced to but a few survivors. A future were the animal race has evolved in intelligence beyond human imagination. A society of once discarded and overlooked foxes , now assert their dominance by banding together to form the roadkill society. Led by NEYO the fierce and courageous leader , 4444 roadkill society members are respected and feared anywhere they travel .

Roadkill Society is more than a project it’s a family . One for all, all for one ! Roadkill Society believe in community over anything and this is the reason for the reinvestment of maintaining our community. All secondary market profits will be used in the maintenance and upkeep of the community.


Stage 1
The Design and development of 4444 NFTs with over 150 traits. NFTs inspired by fox like characters. Website development and social media presence.
Stage 2
Conclude Mint on launchpad and reveal artwork . Open the discord and allow members to check out all the features we have on offer.
Stage 3
Roadkill Society is a community of likeminded individuals who wish to further our network in the NFT sphere. Our honorary scheme will see us airdrop 50 NFTs to 50 high profile individuals in the NFT space voted for by the community members . Individuals such as vitalik , Gary Vee and Snoop Dogg to name a few.
Stage 4
Stage 4 sees all our plans come together with monthly airdrop on the roadkill society merchandise. We will keep the community buzzing with monthly raffles and auctions with fantastic prizes. All roadkill Society members will be privileged to future airdrops of NFTs and the $Roadkill token should there be one .
Stage 5
Roadkill Society school - the Roadkill society community value crypto education very highly and offer, how to guides and tutorials in our Roadkill society school. Crypto/NFT Deep dive reports will be airdropped every month to Roadkill Society members only . These reports will cover the entire crypto sphere and feature new up coming projects

Our team


Founder / Lead researcher

Been in crypto since 2013 and now has fell in love with the NFT market space . NEYO spends his day staying abreast of the latest developments in the crypto and now NFT space. NEYO is a early investor of moonbirds and Bored Ape Yacht Club .

Kevin 43

Lead Designer

Kevin 43 is our lead designer having worked for large international companies on the design side. An avid crypto fan it was only right he use his talents for the hood of the NFT community


Lead Developer

Pablo has spent many years working on crypto projects on both Ethereum and Solana . Development is in Pablos blood . After finishing up at a world renowned university Pablo has dedicated most of his working life to the crypto industry.


What is roadkill Society ?

Roadkill society is a community-based collection with a total of 4444 uniquely hand-drawn images. Roadkill Society is solely based to provide ROI to its holders.

When is the mint ?

Minting date to be announced shortly

What wallet do I use ?

Our project is a collection based on the Solana blockchain. Solana does not use metamask, you are required to use a Phantom wallet. You can easily create a Phantom wallet here:

What price is the mint ?

We aim to be fair with our launch so mint price will be very low to ensure everyone has the chance to purchase.

What market place will roadkill society be on ?

You’re NFT will be available on Solana-based marketplaces such as magic Eden, solanart, and more.